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The Motorsport Auto Z/ZX Paper Catalog Has Been Retired

Back in 1981, Motorsport Auto established its Catalog Mail Order business for Z-Cars. At that time there were no online stores, and computers didn’t even have CD’s yet. Well, over 4 decades later, most specialty parts companies like ourselves have their full product catalog simply available online. Since Motorsport has been around longer than most of our industry peers, we have a long history of paper catalogs (even more than are shown here!), but with the exploding costs of printing and mailing, combined with the continually improving online ordering experience, the Motorsport “Mail-Order” Catalog has gone the way of the Cassette, Typewriter, and Milkman.

As we announced in Z-Mail, we are currently in the process of replacing our old computer system and online store. Soon you’ll be able to access a fully-connected, fully-modernized central shopping experience for all things Z. There are tough choices to be made moving from “legacy” software to a state-of-the-art system, and a paper product catalog is no longer a viable expense. We have modified, twisted, tweaked, prodded, and entreated our old systems to take the best possible care of you, our customers, for the past few years. The computer industry has developed new, improved systems that offer a great customer experience at a cost that lets us keep out prices stable. We know all of you will be happier with what will be a vastly more convenient, and easier-to-use product research and Z parts buying process.

If you have any questions, email us at, or give us a call at (714)639-2620.

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World Famous Motorsport Auto Catalog Now on CD!

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Legacy Catalog Legacy Catalog
Legacy Catalog Legacy Catalog

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